COVID Update

Steve Grond COVID-19

Date: April 3, 2020

School Closure
At the Governor’s press conference yesterday, the Governor extended school closure until April 30. Boyden-Hull will comply with this recommendation, and schools at Boyden-Hull will remain closed until April 30. However, this announcement does require us to consider several decisions, changes in operating procedures, and possible postponements for us a district:

Required/Voluntary/No Services Offered 
As a district, we are working hard at providing the best possible education given the circumstances. With the Governor’s press conference and guidance from the Iowa Department of Education, we have several options on how we will proceed during April. We are discussing the options of requiring work, making school work voluntary as we are currently doing, or no work and making up the time later. We will need to submit our plan by next Friday, April 10, to the Iowa Dept. of Education as to our intentions. The admin team along with the instructional coaches have been meeting to discuss this and will continue to work through these options and how we will proceed from here. We should have a decision by the middle of next week. All work will remain voluntary until April 13. 

We are also talking about what the next several weeks will look like for seniors. The state requires that seniors meet specific requirements for graduation. Included are classes such as Government, Personal Financial Literacy, and CPR. We will be doing a check on where we are with each of these areas and make decisions accordingly.  More guidance will be coming out the next week or two about how the final weeks of each senior’s year will look.

It is our full intention to have a graduation ceremony/celebration of the Class of 2020. Whether it is on the original date or if we need to look at alternatives, we are still planning on that event! If rescheduling is necessary, we have talked about postponing it to June, July, or August. If social distancing is still in place throughout the summer, possibly having a virtual ceremony. Numerous things that have proven to be difficult with this situation, but one of them that I am struggling the most with is graduation. It is a capstone ceremony of 13 years at Boyden-Hull, and we would like to treat it as such!

As you might suspect, Prom is another area of discussion. It looks like it will be postponed to a later date as well. Prom is another special event that is very important to parents, students, and the life of the school. If we need to postpone Prom, it will be similar to graduation in that we will work extremely hard to find alternative dates to hold this event. 
Playgrounds and Facilities
In speaking with other school districts, many of them have locked their facilities (track and football field) or posted signs about social distancing during this time. We will plan on putting up signs to let everyone know that these areas are off-limits to groups until further notice. 

Finally, thank you for your patience and understanding. We understand that it has not been easy for any of us, including you, as parents and community members. Please know that we have been and will continue to work hard at navigating this time in the best possible manner for our students and community.