Kindergarten I & E Websites

You will need Flash and Shockwave to view these sites.

(Click on the blue words for free downloads.)

Literacy Center

Do Not Open - Story


2 How Mona Lisa Got Her Smile - Story

ABC Order

3  Metamorphosis Story

ABC Matchup

Phonics ABC Song 

Bembo's Zoo

5 Groundhog Day – Story


1 The King’s Breakfast – Story

Dolch Words

2 Bug Buzz – Story

3 Bridge to Reading

3 The Pirates Meet Jekyl and Hyde – Story

4 Letter Sounds

4 And the Caboose Said – Story

Letter Blends

5 I Sail the Sea – Story


1 Letter ‘S’ Blends

1 Oops, I Made a Mistake – Story

2 Letter Sounds – Short Vowels

2 You’re Adorable – Story

3 Letter Sounds – Long Vowels

3 Dry Bones Connected – Story

Words 1

4 Boston Tea Party – Story

5 Beginning Sound

5 Music Madness – Story


Blending Bowl

Three Leprechauns – Story

Words 2

Tree’s Song – Story

Phonics Island

The Pig and the Twig – Story

Farm 3

A Penguin Named Kon – Story

Fuzzy Lion Ears

King Jake – Story


The Messy Attic – Listening

A Bug Time Story


Beatrix Potter

Phonics Fighter

Dino Bones

Catch A Fish

Alexi and Pexi




Vowel Sound Drag

Stuttering Stan
Write a PostcardHow the Cow Ate Cabbage
Blending DragonOld Favorites
Whirlyword MachineSeussville
Rhyming RocketsProfessor Garfield – Many Games
SandcastleChristmas Tree


K Christmas Lights 

Phonics 3

Quiz Hit 
Dinosaur Eggs

Fun Phonics 
Letter Matching 
Alphabet Matching 
Alphabet Bingo 
Dolch Bingo  
Dolch Spelling